Live Blog: Optimizing Recovery

Speaker: Wendy Bazilian, DrPH, MA, RD . She owns her own private practice in San Diego California.

An overview of post exercise nutrition:

1. Planning post-exercise food/drink choices

2. Chocolate milk and post exercise recovery research

3. Lifestyle Wellness…How well those come together?

Post Exercise Recovery : Why sports nutrition is so important?

(The Got Chocolate Team asked her to  speak on behalf of them)

Wendy showed us how Science shows us why post recovery fuel is so important.

What is sports Nutrition? 

The science of what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat, before, during and after exercise. It’s a combination of a variety of food and beverages.

Post Exercise Nutrition:

Can Effect performance at the next event// it how you feel after and how you can perform during you next event.  It can also reduce the chance of injury. Boost your well being, to have a healthier life overall!

Why is it important to recover?

Runners training for a long distance sports, single races, triathletes, heats, track and field, swimming events,  and tournaments.

Recovery: Its about performing time and time after another so that you can feel great always!

What is recovery?

Athletes know what to eat before a race, but what about after a race??? A lot of talk has been done about before, but what about after?

How do athletes recover? Survey from athletes

#1. Hydration-56% say water was the answer

#2. A recovery Beverage-25%

#3. Rest-11%

When asked what the needed to recover?

CARBOHYDRATE is the most important when we want to recover with endurance activities! Protein is great, but it needs to be combined with a carb.

Its all about trying it out, what you do during training is what you should do during your race. Hydration should be the main focus for any athlete, carbs to refuel deplete muscle glycogen,  to reduce muscle breakdown and stimulate growth. Fluid and electrolytes to rehydrate the body by replenish swat often.

REFUEL is to REPLENISH the sugar in your blood stream.

A Closer look at carbs-within 30-90 minutes after your workout you should be refueling your body in endurance sports (this is a carbohydrate).

For those of you who are trying to improve performance, many times that has to do with you replenish your fuel. This actually can maximize your metabolism when done well.

The Power of Protein Post Exercise: About one gram of protein for ever 3 or 4 grams of carbs. Equal to adding the CHI-0.2-0.5g PR/KG BW/day

How much protein should I eat? Between .6-.8 grams of body weight per day. Divided evenly through the day.

Protein Turnover: We eat food if it happens to have protein it breaks down in to amino acids we pull it from our muscle. There is constant turnover, a lot of protein can go to muscle, but it will also go to help recovery. We want to burn calories but we want to minimize the loss of muscle.

Well where’s the fat?  Fat comes with food, but in terms of exercise recover it’s not a big player.

Fluids and Electrolytes Post-Exercise : Weight loss in the day of workout you are dehydrated. Electrolytes loss is through sweat. You want to maintain your weight through endurance sports.

For Example after exercise 120 pound athlete may need

Carb: 82 grams (piece of break or 24 oz of chocolate milk)

Protein:20-27 grams

Fluids:24 ounces

Electrolytes :depends on sweat losses

The bigger the athlete the more they will need.

So what to eat after exercise?

-Carb/protein combo
Convinces/ affordability
-taste and tolerance
Intensity of workout, recovery timing

In general what to eat?

Whole FOODS and a plant based diet (plants are the base). For most active individuals, 60%carbs, 12-15%protein and fat???

Post-Workout Snack Idea
Turkey and Cheese with apple slices and pretzels
Nuts and dried fruits
Sliced Apples and almond butter
Tuna on whole what
Low fat yogurt and bananas
Banana and pb sandwich
chocolate milk

A close look at chocolate milk?

Backed By Science:  Because it had the same carb to protein ratio to other drinks studied.
Trusted By Athletes:  At the same time it was already being used by athletes.

Calcium Carbs and high quality protein
B Vitamins
electrolytes-sodium calcium magnesium
simple ingredients

Currently more then 20 studies done on Chocolate milk for post recovery. The research falls in to 4 different categorize:

Performance, Refuel, Rebuild, Rehydration and Replenish.

Can chocolate milk give athletes a performance edge? They exercise longer and with more power then carb drink. They even rode faster.

Chocolate Milk vs Carbohydrate sports drink? Those who drank chocolate milk helped their VO2 max.

Refuel: Refueling the muscles helping the muscles glycogen,, we want that blood sugar to be replenished. 3:1 carb to protein ratio is the best.

Rebuild: if we want to build muscle or rebuild muscle post exercise how do we rebuild and repair those muscles. What about soy milk or almond, or fat free milk? those who consumed the milk gained more muscle and loss more body fat. It may have something to do with the speed of digestion.

Less Damage: If we can have less damage done while we are exercising then we will have less to rebuild. You wan to make sure you are drinking or eating the right amount of fluids or food to protect the muscle.

Rehydrate and Replenish: Refueling wit chocolate milk after exercise helps replenish what your body has lost, including fluids and electrolytes lost in sweat.

Milk can help maintain hydration better than other popular post exercise beverages researchers believe milk naturel electrolyte and bone density may help restore and maintain hydration after exercise.

Milk has potassium, magnesium, calcium (electrolyte), and sodium.

1. Vigorous exercise can break down your bone.

2. Could increase the rise of bone fractures.

3. One study found that basketball players had significant bone loss.

Increase duration, power, sped, VO2Max when drinking chocolate milk after endurance sport.

The Science Evidence Continues to Build…. you can go to for more information.

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