Live Blog: Fit Bloggin’ Friday started off with a blast.

6am almost 50 people showed up for Boot Camp. This was a big jump from last year’s attendance for the class.

Before heading outside to Pioneer Courthouse Square, everyone participated in a morning meet and greet as they were doing a warm-up. While doing Jumping jacks, Lunges, Butt kicks/running in place, Arm circles, Palms facing forward arms out pushing back and forth, Slow arm circles, Palms up flapping up/down, Fast jumping jacks with arms side/forward, Jumping jacks/squats, Squats/hold steady….everyone passed the microphone around and introduced themselves as well at their blog name and their favorite thing about Portland. The most popular was “no sales tax” and “Lululemon with no sales tax.”

When we got to Pioneer Courthouse Square we started with five jump-ups and a pushup, followed by about 10-20 pushups. Then, we did pushups with a jump touch-up and a pushup.

Once done, we created a running lane with everyone doing planks while sets of two people ran down the middle.

After the plank and run session we all headed over to the steps where we had an unexpected visit from the Pioneer Courthouse Square Security.

Twenty mountain Climbers followed by running up to the top of the steps and back down and repeat four times…

Once we were done with the mountain climbers we started squats while extending arms out to the side and repeat. This was when we had an unexpected local join the group.

Following the squats we took four laps around the square.

After the laps everyone grabbed a partner and, while one partner did plank the other did high step/side to side between the partners legs thirty times and then switched.

Then, we moved on to two lines of frog jumps, running to the top of the stairs and back. (Repeat four times)

The group moved over to the KGW-TV News section that was filming in the square. This is where we gathered in two circles and did tricep hi-fives, planks jumping left to right, alternate scissor kicks with a lunge hold, finishing with a pulsating lunge kick.

Last, was a cool-down where the anchors from KGW-TV joined the group. We did leg kicks, stretching side to side, squatting groin stretch, quads, glutes, pectoral stretch, arm swing back and forth followed by a triceps stretch.

After the workout, the Anchors from KGW-TV asked to take a picture with us (which they posted on their twitter page).


After the picture was taken, we were treated to a tour of the studio. We also got to take pictures behind the anchors’ desk and individual pictures with the anchors. We promised to clean up all of the chalk in Pioneer Courthouse Square, which we did.


Written by Jaason Roschke


  1. Kenlie says

    I love all of the unexpected and fun things that occurred that morning. I’m glad I was awake to enjoy it. 🙂