Welcome Blue Diamond Almonds!


Blue Diamond Almonds is a newcomer to FitBloggin’ 2013! We’re excited to meet everyone and offer up a variety of tasty ways to Get Your Good Going at the conference. We’ll be sharing some new Blue Diamond Almonds products with you at FitBloggin’ in the swag bags, at our booth, and at our Friday afternoon snack break:

  • Fruit-Flavored Almonds: Call it fate or destiny, berries and almonds simply belong together. Loaded with antioxidant Vitamin E, our fruit-flavored almonds combine the delicious crunch of oven-roasted almonds with the natural flavors of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

  • Coffee Almonds: If you need a quick pick-me-up to keep you going, grab a handful of our Coffee Almonds. Made with real coffee, Coffee Almonds are the go-to snack when you’re on the move and need to refuel. Best of all, these almonds are a good source of protein and come in three delicious flavors – Mocha, Caramel Macchiato and Roasted Coffee.

  • Artisan Nut Thins: You’ll love our Artisan Nut Thins for the added nutrition of beneficial seeds and their irresistibly yummy flavor. Made from brown rice, almonds, and seeds, they’re incredibly versatile and free of wheat and gluten.

In addition to these new products, we’ll also have everyone’s favorites from Whole Natural to Wasabi & Soy Sauce!

As you gear up for FitBloggin’, we’d love if you connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. See you soon, and don’t forget to stop by our booth or snack break to chat!


  1. Michelle K says

    Oh dear goodness how I love the wasabi and soy sauce almonds. I eat them by the container! Cannot wait to try the coffee almonds!