Live Blog: Reebok Cardio Dance

More than just another dance class…

“I am powerful beyond measure.”

“I am stronger than I seem.”‘

“I am done complaining, I am now celebrating. I aspire to be all I can be and now I believe I will succeed.”

The Reebok sponsored Cardio Dance class started off in the most unexpected way. You might agree that when one thinks of a cardio dance class, there will be loud bumping music, dance moves that make you jump around and an instructor yelling instructions into a microphone. Well… THIS cardio dance class was all that and more.

Patricia Moreno of Sati Life , which is a life-transforming workout that combines fitness, dance, martial arts, yoga, nutrition, meditation and spiritual practices, started the class with her own personal story. Body image issues, obsessing about weight and being skinny, complaining, never being satisfied, speaking negatively about her life and her body, Patricia’s story was something we could all relate to in some way or another.

All participants brought their hands to heart’s center and Patricia asked them to repeat after her. That’s when the class transformed into a powerful, positive atmosphere.

Hands at heart’s center. Patricia begins to lead participants in a series of mantras and affirmations.

Throughout the entire class, participants repeated phrases of empowerment, self-love, self-worth and positivity. Each phrase went along with a different full-body movement. From front punches, to squats, to high jumps and even warrior pose. And when the class was thoroughly warmed up, Patricia turned it up even more with intense music and dynamic movement.


Warrior pose!

Patricia called the words “Miracle-causing mantras” and there’s no doubt the words and phrases struck a cord with everyone attending. From start to finish, participants spoke life to themselves and any situation they may be facing while getting in a good calorie-burning workout. Full affirmation:

I am powerful beyond measure. I am stronger than I seem. I am braver than I think. I am blessed with all I need.

I am enough. I have enough. I am programmed for victory. Persistence pays off.

All negative thoughts stop right now. I am done complaining. I am now celebrating. 

I am inspired to be the best that I can be. I now believe I will succeed.

I promise to love honor and cherish my body until death do us part. 

Circle of trust and energy.

After the cool down, Patricia had everyone get into a circle, where she ended with a few more words of encouragement about how our thoughts shape our lives and how powerful our words are. It was definitely a class that took some unexpected turns, but for the better. Not only were participants working out and getting in a good sweat, but they were exposed to the wonderful power of speaking positive words outloud, even during a cardio dance class.

This session was captured by Renisha James of Renewed Fitness. Renew your mind, change your life.