Ignite Fitness, Parfait Bar and Karaoke!!

For the second year in a row, FitBloggin’s keynote event is Ignite Fitness. Fourteen bloggers, each armed with timed slides and 5 minutes, will inspire, motivate, inform and entertain us.

Keep in mind these bloggers are just like you and me. They just mustered up the courage to throw themselves out there and apply!  So please show your support. Come, clap, have a good time and then get ready for karaoke!

That’s right, you heard me! Immediately after the presentation hang around for some karaoke with your blogger friends. Don’t worry. Liquid courage will be available. I know I’ll need some!

As if that wasn’t enough, thanks to 2 of our fabulous sponsors we’ll have a parfait bar for refreshments.

With cereal from Attune (many gluten-free options) and fresh berries from Driscoll’s, join in some parfait bar fun! We’ll be supplying fun bowls, yogurt and tons of toppers for your creations. And if you post a picture of your berry and cereal parfait you’ll be entered to win $150 worth of berries and $150 worth of cereal! More details at the event.

Now… who’s singing what? I’m thinking a little Blondie may be in order for me. Note: Signing karaoke is on my bucket list so someone better push me out there ‘cause I’m already freaking out.


    • debraroby says

      You know some karaoke businesses BAN you from singing Don’t Stop Believin’ -and others charge an “annoyance” fee. It’s the most popular song! (and not just since the SF Giants have used it in 2 World Series runs!)

      That said, I’ve never done karaoke, but if a group wants to do Bohemian Rhapsody, I’m in!

      Scaramouche! Scaramouche! Will you do the fandango?

    • 262milejourney says

      Bohemian Rhapsody is the only song I’ll do (and it has to be done as a group, natch) So excited for this!!

  1. spabettie says

    YAY karaoke! if anyone needs a duet partner to work up the nerve to sing, come find me!

  2. Sarah Scott says

    I love karaoke, I am the tone deaf Brit who doesn’t mind embarrassing herself!!
    My top 3 songs are:
    Tiffany – I think we’re alone now
    (duet) The Buggles – video killed the radio star
    Whitney Houston – Greatest love of all

  3. seewead says

    If you drink enough you can sing in front of people…I prefer to imitate Neil Diamond. heh.