Got Chocolate Milk?

Got Chocolate Milk?

We’re excited to announce that the REFUEL | “got chocolate milk?” campaign will be joining us again this year for FitBloggin’13!

Science supports what elite athletes have known for years: Chocolate milk is an ideal choice after a workout.  The world class team of athletes behind the REFUEL | got chocolate milk? Campaign knows that the nutrient profile of chocolate milk is what makes it so effective as a post-exercise recovery beverage.

  • It’s a natural source of high-quality protein to build lean muscle

  • It has the right mix of protein and carbs to refuel and rebuild exhausted muscles

  • It has fluids and is a natural source of electrolytes – like calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium – to rehydrate and help replenish what’s lost in sweat

Team REFUEL and Wendy Bazilian, DrPH, MA, RD will be at FitBloggin’ this year to discuss the latest post-exercise recovery nutrition science surrounding lowfat chocolate milk. Dr. Bazilian will also offer expert insights and tips that can help you recover and rebound faster for your next workout or race.

Want to be a part of Team REFUEL?

Visit the REFUEL booth to tell them about your post-workout routine in 60 seconds or less for a chance to join Team REFUEL. You could win $500 in sponsorship, REFUEL gear and free race bibs for IRONMAN and Rock ‘n’ Roll races!

Learn more about the science around refueling with chocolate milk, get an inside look at the after-workout routines of top athletes and apply to join Team REFUEL by visiting  You can also join the REFUEL | got chocolate milk? communities of athletes gaining (and sharing) insights on their after-workout routines on Facebook or Twitter.