Live Blog: Get Down to Business: Video SEO

In this session, Lisa Johnson takes a look at how to use video search engine optimization to boost traffic on your blog.

— A way to significantly boost your traffic.
— Why YouTube beats your bog for snagging the first page on Google
— How video drives traffic to your blog
— Tricks to significantly grow your audience base through YouTube
— How to turn all of this into revenue

Cool Stats
• YouTube: more than 1 billion unique visitors each month
• 6+ Billion hours watched each month (up 50% in just a year)
• YouTube subscribers have doubled since last year
• The average viewer spends 15 minutes a day on YouTube

How can YouTube be more effect driving traffic to your blog than Google
• Not as much competition
• More engaging

Back Door Technique
• YouTube has less competition for keywords than Google
• YouTube is owned by Google
• Google loves video content and features it when they can find it
• Google pulls your YouTube rank over to search results

Use Google’s Keyword Tool to Find Good Phrases
• Look at low competition

Now what? Use your keyword.
• In the NAME of your video file
• In the TITLE of your video on YouTube
• In the DESCRIPTION area of the video
EMBED the video on your blog

NOTE: YouTube likes comments!

BUT WAIT! How does this build your blog traffic?
You tell them where to go!
• Always make sure your link is above the fold. Add a link to your site on the video.

How to significantly grow your audience
• YouTube is a community
• Your readers will LOVE to see you on camera
• Videos generate more clicks on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Intermediate SEO Techniques
• Video annotations
• Likes — If the community likes you, YouTube wants to share you.
• Comments — If the community likes you, YouTube wants to share you.
• Link Love — Quality content links and links from highly ranking pages are recognized by Google
• Create your OWN AD for giveaways

NOTE: Make sure to create playlists

How to Structure a Video
• Hook/Intro
• Promo for “Your Brand”
• The juicy stuff
• The call to action
• Keep ‘em to the end with fun/funny stuff — Your videos will rank higher if your readers watch to the end

Tips for Fitness Videos
• No short sleeves
• Form-fitting not loose!
• Use bronzer if you need it
• Get a professional make-up lesson
• Do test shots before you commit to your outfit
• The bend-over test … it’s not just for lululemon.

How To Make Money Via YouTube
• An add-on for Brand Ambassador positions
• Get paid to create videos ( &
• Drive sales of your own products
• YouTube ad revenue

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— Andre Smith,