Workshop Overview: Tone Up Your Writing, From Pitch to Publish

The content in this session will help bloggers better engage readers with more vivid, organized writing. This session will also help bloggers who are aspiring magazine/web writers succeed with getting their articles published for pay. Please come to this session with a writing sample of your own to work with throughout the workshop.

Section 1- Presented by Amanda Vogel“Packaging Your Writing for Maximum Impact”

Knowing how to “package” your writing – whether it’s for a magazine article, story pitch or blog post – can help you succeed with the writing process. Learn from a professional magazine writer and blogger about how to “package” (i.e., skillfully organize) your articles, posts and pitches for maximum impact and reader engagement.

  • Define “packaging”; explain how to “package” an article, pitch or post so it appeals to magazine editors and/or blog readers.
  • Name common mistakes writers and bloggers make when organizing a story or pitch, and how to avoid these mistakes.
  • Identify winning formulas for “packaging” blog posts, articles and pitches.

Section 2- Presented by Gina Zammit“How to Write Like a Writer”

  • Provide tips to bloggers on improving their overall writing skills
  • Demonstrate how to incorporate sensory writing skills into their posts with more precise and vivid word choices
  • Review the pros and cons of colloquial writing and how to decide if it’s right for their blog. By providing examples of “good” and “bad” writing
  • Cover how to avoid common mistakes and enhance their editing skills

Section 3- Presented by Katie Oden“The Importance of Storytelling”

  •  Why storytelling is important
  • Power of Positive Stories
  • How to turn lists into memorable pieces
Leave this Writing Lab with practical strategies you can apply to your next blog post or article and more confidence about how to “write like a writer.” 


    • Amanda Vogel says

      Thanks Alexandra. That’s nice of you! And I know your session will be awesome, informative and entertaining.