Workshop Overview: How to Improve Your Blog Through SEO

Attend this hands-on workshop as a follow up to last year’s SEO presentation by Brandi Koskie. Once again Brandi, the director of publishing for, will share with you small, easy and best of all free ways to improve the visibility of and traffic to your site. Each attendee will be able to ask questions and you’ll see some of the steps Brandi uses to promote and rank hundreds of articles a month. Bring your laptop and be ready for some constructive criticism and guidance on improving your blog from the front end, like headlines and images, to the back end, with metadata and proper link placement.

Come with laptops in hand ready to work on your blog during the session!


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    A blog adds new keywords to your website. When other sites link to your blog using these keywords, it passes link juice to your site, causing your website to rank for more keywords than it was in the beginning.