Workshop Overview: How to Create a Media Kit

Do you want to get sponsorships, ambassadorships and generally get paid to do what you love?

It all begins with two words: media kit!

A media kit is a promotional tool that bloggers can use to showcase their brand in an easily digestible format. Bloggers’ media kits typically include an intro, analytics, ad sizes/rates, PR policy, testimonials and more -plus they’re great leverage to make sure you can earn what you’re worth! You have a resume or CV for job prospects, right? A media kit is the blogging world equivalent (though companies from big to small have them, too!).

In How to Create a Media Kit that Showcases Your Brand and Gets Companies Knocking on Your Door we’ll talk about:

  • The Logistics: How to technically make a media kit, i.e. what goes where, which program(s) to use and how to extract the data from Google Analytics needed
  • How to Know Your Worth & Develop Your Brand: How to decide your rates & get the respect for your brand that you deserve
  • How to Market Yourself: How to decide where, and to whom, to send your media kit; and how to use the media kit and market it

Whether you’ve never worked with companies before or you’re a pro, this session will teach you how to capitalize on your greatest asset — whatever it is that makes you YOU. You’ll come away from this session with a clear idea of what would go in your media kit, how to create it and how to use it to get the sponsorships, ads, and/or ambassadorships you seek.

  • Dr. Leah

    awesome idea! is this only at fitbloggin or is this available before the conference as a separate program?

    • RoniNoone

      Just at the conference

  • Alison Hay

    yes please let us know! I’d love to attend this if it were a webinar.

  • Lena B

    so looking forward to it

  • Erica House

    I’m so excited to be co-presenting this workshop!

  • Stephanie Suire

    Can’t wait for this workshop. I just attended a Google+ hangout last week that touched on media kits but I still have not created mine. My goal this year is to grow my business and I know I need a killer media kit to reach that goal.

  • Danielle Warren

    I am so excited for this workshop. I have heard a lot about media kits and told I should have one but have no idea where to start! :)

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