Over 30 FitBloggin’13 Assistantships Available!

Thanks to all our generous sponsors, we are again able to make even more volunteer-style positions available this year!

We do things a little differently than some conferences. These aren’t traditional “volunteer” positions or your run-of-the-mill “scholarships.” FitBloggin’ will now be accepting applications for assistantships to help bloggers who are unable to attend the conference for financial reasons.

Here’s how it works: In exchange for a free ticket to FitBloggin’13, each assistant will cover one session as a LiveBlogger. 

LiveBloggers need to be able to type quickly and stay unbiased for the traditional sessions, but don’t forget we also have fitness activities, discussions and offsite tours. These also all need to be covered.

The lucky assistants who are assigned some of the nontraditional sessions will have to blog about the class/discussions, grab a few quotes from attendees and capture the overall vibe of the room. The idea is to give the folks who can’t be there a chance to experience each session, whatever it may be.

Overall, LiveBloggers are responsible for creating the official record of the session they are assigned to, transcribing the conversation and capturing the content. You will need to use your own laptops. Photos are not required but encouraged. Click here to see examples from last year. 

Assistants will receive free admission to the conference, which includes all sessions, breakfasts, lunches and the evening social activities. Travel and other expenses are not included. Note: Refunds will NOT be given if you have already purchased a ticket, but you can transfer them to another person.

If you are interested, click here to apply. Applications will only be accepted until April 16. Based on the response rate, precedence will be given to early-appliers. We will be contacting selected volunteers by April 30 with further instructions.

Only apply if you are prepared to attend and complete the duties as assigned. Please use the comments below for any questions.


  1. Nikki Massie says

    Darn, I just saw the deadline. That was my last hope of coming. Sigh. It’s a bummer cuz I watched the site like a hawk for this but still missed it. Gah!

    • RoniNoone says

      Ugh Nikki! I’m sorry. You should sign up in the side bar. We email out each post!

  2. says

    Will bloggers be contacted ON april 30th or by april 30th? As in, if I haven’t been contacted by now I may still have a chance? Or are the bloggers selected already?

    Just curious as I haven’t booked anything yet and am trying to figure out how I’m going to work it all out if I am not selected.