Welcome Sworkit!


Sworkit is very excited to be a sponsor at FitBloggin ’13! This is Sworkit’s first time taking part in an expo and we couldn’t imagine a better place to start. The creator of Sworkit, Ryan Hanna, will be in Portland to share the benefits of Sworkit and also to learn from all of you. 


Sworkit is a free circuit training app for iOS and Android that can help you get a great workout using just body-weight exercises. The app builds randomized circuit training workouts to keep things interesting every time you use it. You just choose which part of the body you want to work on and how much time you have, and Sworkit takes care of the rest. By providing an actual workout and taking you through the motions, you don’t have to do any other planning or have any extra equipment.


Sworkit works around your schedule and allows you to reach your daily fitness goals no matter where you are. This HIIT-style workout allows you to focus on the specific body areas that you want. You can choose from: Upper Body, Lower Body, Core Strength, Cardio, Yoga, Stretching and more. You can even create custom workouts that are great for recovering from injuries, working out during a pregnancy, or tackling any specific needs you have.


This was an easy choice for Sworkit. Since it was released in May 2012, we have relied on blogs of all sizes to help spread the word about the app to their readers. Users have found it very simple to use and that it compliments workouts they are already doing. We love the conversations we get to have with bloggers when pitching the app. It is that extra level of communication that you don’t get from press releases and paid marketing firms. Ryan is looking forward to lots more of these conversations in June.


Sworkit will have a number of daily raffles with iTunes and Google Play gift cards and more for those who stop by. There will be live demonstrations which we can do together to let you really get a feel for Sworkit. Most importantly for some of you though, is that Sworkit is looking forward to building relationships for future blog sponsorship and advertising.


We believe that there are a lot of great opportunities for independent app developers and blogs of all sizes to work together. As a growing tech company, we take the time to spread the word on a personal level and are thrilled each time that conversation continues and leads to a great write-up. Our marketing budget isn’t massive, but our willingness to build relationships with blogs to provide something great for their readers is huge.

Sworkit is excited to meet all of you at FitBloggin ’13. Until then, check us out on Facebook and Twitter, or send us an email to learn more now. 
Check out Sworkit online and download the apps today on iOS and Androidhttp://sworkit.com