Ignite Fitness Call for Sparks

The keynote for Fitbloggin’ went so well last year that Ignite Fitness is back for another round. The best part of the evening is YOU as you inform your fellow conference attendees about your topic. Spark submissions are now open!

So what’s a spark, and why do I want to do one? Watch this intro to Ignite from Scott Berkun to get caught up to speed.

Everyone has at least one topic they can effectively speak about — it is storytelling in its most supportive environment.

Last year’s program featured a full spectrum of topics: from personal stories and comparisons of social media presence to agile project management, raising locavores, and roller derby secrets. Click here to see the full playlist of videos on theignitefitness YouTube channel.

If you did not have the privilege of attending last year’s keynote, know that this show is all about our COMMUNITY and why we do such a great job of embracing one another and our differences.

There are a few rules:

  • No sparks shall be about shameless self-promotion. Your job is to inform the audience, your community, about your topic. Your last slide can feature your blog and contact information but no selling of books, apps, coaching services, etc. as part of your presentation.
  • Keep the talks in good taste. If anything is too outrageous, organizers reserve the right to suggest and enforce changes of your presentation.
  • Last year’s speakers are allowed to apply but are not guaranteed selection even if their sparks are voted in due to the rule of fairness and trying to keep the keynote fresh.
  • Speakers must adhere to deadlines if they are selected or they will be dismissed from the program and will have their conference ticket revoked. I hope you caught wind of that last sentence — if selected and if you meet deadlines, you get a full Fitbloggin conference ticket.

The dates regarding Ignite Fitness are:

  • Feb. 14 – Call for applications
  • March 14 – Applications close
  • March 18 – Voting opens
  • April 10 – Announce first 7 speakers chosen from voting
  • April 17 – Announce second 7 speakers based on organizer’s selection
  • June 20 – Finished sparks are DUE
  • June 28 – Ignite Fitness at Fitbloggin’.

Have Questions?

Join us Tuesday, Feb. 19 from 9 to 10 p.m. ET for the #IggyFit #Fitbloggin Twitter chat.

The Twitter chat will feature tips and tricks, from crafting spark submissions to pulling off awesome presentations. Submissions are open now but wait for the chat if you want to bounce ideas off the panelists. The big key at this point for your spark submission is to make it spark; be crafty but succinct. Use a hook and keep your explanation of what you want to share with the audience brief. If you are selected, do not think we will leave you in the dark until the conference. Ignite Fitness organizers are available and willing to help you craft the best possible presentation to show everyone your best self.

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone, share your passion and inspire! We are looking for topics in the tech/geek/fitness/body-image/weight loss/running/blogging/social-media realm. Basically, anything FitBloggin’ relevant is welcome. Click here to apply today! (Well, maybe wait until the chat but, you know, we’re all excited here in FitBloggin’ camp.)