LiveBlog:Crossfit workout with Reebok

Thanks to Reebok, Jared(@jdnatural) and a few local crossfit coaches, our day started off in the best way…sweaty.

What is Crossfit?
“CrossFit is a sport that encompasses community, competition, camaraderie and results.”

The first half of the session was spent learning about the proper way to perform the three moves that were part of the WOD, thanks to our trusty demonstrator, Coach Luke.

The workout went something like this:

  • Squats
  • Sit Ups
  • Burpees/Push ups x2

1 minute work, 1 minute rest-2 rounds

Burpees, twice in a row? That is just brutal! I was happy to be a spectator when I heard that.  The coaches then told everyone to break into pairs, that way when one person was working out the other was cheering them on. It was really great to see the energy in the room, friends/strangers were yelling, clapping, dancing while their partner was pushing through a not so easy workout.

Have you ever tried Crossfit? If not, would you?

This session was captured by Carlyn of Just Keep Sweating