Live Blog: Workout With Cathe Friedrich

Cathe Friedrich, Eggland’s Best Fitness Partner and 2011 National Fitness Hall of Fame inductee will lead the Friday morning workout at Fitbloggin’.  Cathe is often credited for bring advanced fitness videos to the home exerciser.  She is a certified Group Fitness Instructor and teaches thousands of classes a year at her gym in New Jersey.

Cathe started out her session with a brief introduction about herself.  She has been a fitness instructor for 30 years.  She talked of how eggs are so valuable for exercise because of their protein and nutrients in the egg whites. She mentioned specifically how Eggland’s Best takes care of their hens and how high quality their care and consistency of how they take care of their hens.  “I will not put my name on anything I don’t believe in,” she stated.  She had always eaten their eggs and was thrilled to be able to represent the product. Eggs are also great for exercise recovery, she stated.  “I would eat eggs and broccoli if I had to eat just two things in a day.”

There are two parts to the equation, she said.  “Fitness and nutrition.”

She went onto explain that her workouts are generally high intensity.  Today she is doing cardio circuit, with variations to suit everyone’s different levels of fitness.  She brought tubing, exercise bands and exercise sliding discs. She gave a brief explanation of how she will use each piece of equipment.  The exercise discs required the most explanation; they fit under the feet and are used to glide.

She started out with a basic warm up of a march in place and then moved right into the cardio circuit workout with details and explanations of how to do the movements properly.  She gives a lot of wonderful explanation of the benefits of each movement, with energy and intensity.  Even the warmup madepeople sweat!

The workout continued to ramp up in intensity with the use of the tubing, exercise bands and sliders.  Finally, near the 50 minute mark, Cathe slowed it down with some floor exercises and finished off with some stretches.

Participants walked out sweaty and satisfied.  Said one attendee, “My heartrate monitor says I burned 400 calories in there!”