Live Blog: REFUEL with Chocolate Milk

Got chocolate milk? The official REFUEL Beverage of FitBloggin’12 – Lowfat Chocolate Milk – and the REFUEL | “got chocolate milk?” campaign presented a session “Refuel with Chocolate Milk” with a focus on optimizing post-workout recovery.

Presenter Nancy Clark is an internationally known nutritionist and author based in Boston. Nancy stressed she is a huge fan of chocolate milk! Presenter Monica blogs Run Eat Repeat on running, weight loss, and healthy living. She also is an ACE certified personal trainer living in Southern California.

Today’s session covers:

  1. Importance of recovery
  2. Post workout nutrition
  3. Post exercise recovery research
  4. Top techniques for physical recovery
  5. Tips to create your post-workout recovery action

Nancy took a poll of what the participants do—sports, working out, training for a running event, etc. Nancy stresses that fuel is food and be nice to your body like you are nice to your car. Nancy focuses on dieting at night. She defines recovery: the time it takes the body to repair itself from the damage caused by training.  It is a complex process.

Nancy speaks about the 2 hour recovery window and how it c”an affect performance at the next game/practice, can help reduce the chances of injury, and boost the health, well-being of athletes”. It’s just as important as pre-game nutrition! Nancy reminds us to eat post-workout because the “Cookie Monster” may come out so nip your hunger in the bud! Chocolate milk helps by deterring you from cookies. Refueling is just important as fueling.

Nancy says you need carbs, protein, fluids, and electrolytes for post-exercise nutrition. Chocolate milk is 90 percent water and definitely counts as fluids and we should pay more attention to your electrolytes post-marathon. Chocolate milk’s liquid assets has high protein (helps build muscle reduce muscle breakdown) and work with carbs to restore muscle glycogen, carbohydrates (to refuel muscles), electrolytes (to help replenish what’s lost in sweat), and fluids (to help rehydrate the body).

Monica speaks on physical recovery and how after a long workout it is important to COOLDOWN and have your heart go slowly down. She advises to stretch. She notices the differece after she stretches. She asks attendees about foam rolling (aka “self massage”). It is self care, not always pleasant but the cheapest massage you can get. Gyms have foam rollers available as well as sports stores. She loves getting massages and rewards herself with one. She rewards/tortures herself with an ice bath after a long, hard run. Not pleasant but she feels better afterwards says you will thank yourself later!

Monica discusses creating a Recovery Plan. Monica asks if anyone is training for a distance plan. She says to incorporate stretching, yoga, ice baths…things like this are definitely important. Pay attention to the 2-hour recovery window. Emphasize fluids, protein, and carbs. Be realistic when making these changes. Chocolate milk is easy and convenient—perfect for refueling. Moreover, be flexible with your recovery plan. Listen to your body—listen to aches, pains.

Monica and Nancy discuss post-workout snack ideas

  • Chocolate milk
  • Turkey and cheese with apple slices and pretzels
  • Tuna on whole wheat

Both presenters advise attendees to log onto for tips and tools and visit and Both suggest talking to your dairy or State and regional representative.

For Fitbloggin’ attendees: If you are passionate athlete who grabs lowfat chocolate milk as part of “your after”, Submit a video for your chance to join Team REFUEL and WIN. Visit the Refuel Booth to apply today.

Questions portion of the session:

  1. What type of milk shuold I drink…so many options how do you decide? Nancy says all are safe even regular shelf milk.
  2. Difference between soy, lactose, and regular chocolate milk? Nancy- Soy is high quality but is a fine alternative as well as lactose. Best protein is standard milk as well as soy milk.
  3. What should you eat before running? Monica does toast with peanut butter. She used to do half a Cliff bar. She suggests oatmeal but this may be heavy. Nancy says it is important to just EAT before running. You will enjoy your run in the end since you will have better stamina and endurance.
  4. How long for an ice bath? Why am I having the milk settle in my stomach? Monica says talk yourself up for ice baths—start at five minutes and then add a minute. Don’t take a hot shower afterwards. Nancy says it is common for runners to have intestinal problems but for the most part you know your body. Monica says drinking chocolate milk is perfect when you don’t feel like having a meal.
  5. I hate to eat before I run. Is a bite of banana enough? Nancy says 100-300 cals is enough so your blood sugar is on the up-swing.
  6. What can you do to hydrate that’s not involving a sugary drink? Nancy says any fluid—coffee, tea, an orange—can hydrate. Make sure you are urinating every 2-4 hours. If you aren’t, it’s not a good sign. Chocolate Milk would be a better choice since it has nutritional value.  Monica advise electrolyte only drinks. Nancy says many foods and drinks have electrolytes.
  7. What schools did the research? Go to for references for all the high-quality research.

ABOUT Lowfat Chocolate Milk: Lowfat chocolate milk has what it takes to help you recover after a tough workout. It’s a natural for post-exercise recovery and offers several advantages over other commercial recovery drinks. The nutrient profile of chocolate milk is what makes it effective as a post-exercise recovery beverage. It is a natural source of high-quality protein to build lean muscle; it has the right mix of protein and carbs, scientifically shown to refuel and rebuild exhausted muscles; it is a natural source of electrolytes to rehydrate and help replenish critical nutrients lost in sweat. Plus, it tastes great.The REFUEL campaign is dedicated to reaching active adults who are serious about their sports to educate them about the importance of recovering effectively, and supporting them throughout their training through the Team REFUEL program. Learn more about the science around refueling with chocolate milk and apply to join Team REFUEL online (if you just can’t wait until September!) at You can join the community of athletes gaining and sharing their insights on their after-workout routines by visiting the REFUEL | “got chocolate milk?” Facebook page or Twitter channel. Make your “After” count!

This session was captured by Aliah Davis of the The Get Fit Diva.