Live Blog: Early Bird Workout-Yoga

Bright (it was still dark out, but you get the picture) and early Friday morning, Fitbloggin’ attendees had the pleasure of attending a yoga class with Sara Mogensen. Sara teaches at Franklin Street Yoga in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She started class off with a quote that really resonated with me.

“Yogis like to sleep in too!”

The brave souls that woke up before the sun were all ready to stretch everything and get Fitbloggin’ off to a great start (with our brand spankin’ new yoga mats, might I add).

Child’s pose is always a great way to start the day.

As we were loosening up our necks, Sara instructed us all to find a source of gratitude. That person/place/thing/event was something that we could always go back to if we needed some grounding during our practice. It was a truly centering experience and wonderful to have something to think about when you were ready to fall out of a balance pose.

Being grounded is needed for side planks!

We moved through a Chaturanga series to wake all of our muscles up, followed by twists and balances to engage our mind further. It’s engaging when you’re trying not to fall over, right? The class flew by and before I knew it we were in Savasana wrapping up a practice worthy of kicking off the Fitbloggin’ conference.

I promise this was at the END of class.

With a namaste, we were grounded and ready to start the conference!

Sara’s in the middle!

This LiveBlog was written by Amanda at She tweets @runprincipessa.