FitBloggin’12 Internet Access Info

We’re here! We’re here!

Just a quick note about internet access while we are setting up the Registration Desk. There are 3 areas to keep on mind…

1. Your Room.

We have negotiated for free internet in all FitBloggin’ Attendee rooms. However, you must accept the charges as if you are paying. Then when you check out the charges will be removed.

2. Conference Space aka Constellation Ballrooms AB CD EF

We have internet in our conference space through PSAV. Simply connect to the PSAV network, open a browser and enter FitBloggin in the password field.

Unfortunately, there can only be 100 concurrent users at a time. So please be mindful and disconnect if you are not actively using the connection.

3. Hotel Lobby and Atrium

Thankfully, right outside the conference space internet is free in 15 minute increments. The network name is Hyatt_Baltimore_Lobby simply connect at will. After 15 minutes it will discconet you but you can immediately reconnect.

Let me know if you have any questions.

See you soon!