Welcome SOYJOY. Real Fruit, Whole Soy, All Joy!


We are happy to announce that SOYJOY will join us this year as a FitBloggin’ 2012 sponsor!

Join SOYJOY for a snack break to refuel after your morning wellness and nutrition sessions and sample one of two new delicious flavors, Dark Chocolate Cherry and Cranberry. Not only is SOYJOY gluten free, but its unbeatable combination of complete protein, complex carbs and fiber make it the perfect nutritious snack anytime, anywhere. SOYJOY is a great addition to your gym bag, making it a smart choice for our active FitBloggin’ attendees!

During the SOYJOY Snack Break, learn more about living life the SOYJOY way and how to incorporate nutritious snacks into your diet without compromising flavor. Take a “snackshot” with your closest fitness friends at the SOYJOY photo booth and see the photos on Facebook.

As you gear up for FitBloggin’, be sure to check out what SOYJOY’s JOYTESTERS are up to on SOYJOY.com. They put current health trends to the test to see what experiences will bring joy to your daily routine.

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