Session Overview: Growing the Good Economy Together – one post, tweet and comment at a time.

At DailyFeats, our vision is a world where people reach their potential, every day. We think that one of the ways to achieve this is to actively participate in The Good Economy – an economy fueled by doing positive, healthy actions every day to cause shifts in society for the greater good.

Like every other attendee at FitBloggin’, we use the web to change people’s lives – through inspiration, motivation and sharing our fundamental experiences – whether its through eating better food, getting stronger, or losing weight.

We have all experienced that small actions make large change more attainable. And when we do that, and then celebrate and share those actions, we create successful behavior change in our lives.

In this discussion room, we’ll talk about new strategies and ideas to encourage monumental growth in the good economy – more than just a stimulus plan, we’re creating happier, healthier citizens and a better society.

Let’s discuss the power of challenges, social support, and other ideas we can use in our blogs and across social media to catalyze positive change across society.

We’ll share research we use on motivating behavior, and you’ll leave the room with fresh ways to fuel expansive positive change in a society that needs to engage in more positive healthy actions.

The Growing the Good Economy Together discussion will be lead by Sara Hopson.