SEO for Bloggers – Call for Volunteers!

I’m looking for a couple of great blogs to use as examples in my SEO for Bloggers presentation at Fitbloggin’ this year. If you’re up for a little constructive critiquing in front of a crowd, then shoot your URL my way!

The only “qualification” for inclusion is that you have to attend the SEO for Bloggers session. That way, you and the entire room can learn new best practices for expanding your audience beyond your grandma.

I only need two or three blogs, so first come, first served. But there will be plenty of time for Q&A during and after the session if you have specific questions that need answering.

You can reach me @BrandiK on Twitter or for email.

See all of you in Baltimore very soon!


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    I'm a VERY slow responder, so please excuse me. But I DO appreciate all of the volunteers! There's a lot here for me to work with, help you and a lot of others at Fitbloggin! – BK