Official Ignite Fitness Lineup! aka The FitBloggin’ Keynote!

In case you missed it, FitBloggin’s Keynote Address is a little different this year. We have 14 fellow bloggers and fitness enthusiasts sharing their thoughts, knowledge, talents and experiences in 5-minute, high-energy, fun presentations. The line-up includes…

  • Sweat With Love: Why Your Thighs Don’t Respond to Criticize
    with Erin Stutland
  • Find Your Tribe with Jamie Walker
  • How to Live Well After Being Hit by Five Trucks with Janet Oberholtzer
  • Conquering Your Food Kryptonite with Shira Miller
  • Shimmying Your Way to Body Love with Laura Yamin
  • Agile Blogging: How to Turn Little Failures Into Big Successes with Tim Woodbury
  • Weight Loss is Like a Horse With No Rider in the Desert With a Saddlebag Full of Lettuce and Chipmunk Pelts with Hank Hanna
  • Derby Little Secrets with Jim “James Bondage” Doran
  • How to Go from Couch to Triathlon (and live to tell the tale!) with Christie O.
  • Jack’s No-Flack Jump-the-Track Creative Smack Attack with Jack Sh*t
  • I Am Awesome! Positive Self-Talk Along Your Healthy Journey with Jan Baxter
  • It Takes a Village to Raise a Locavore with Lyn Trier
  • How to be a Social Media Maven Without Going Batshit Crazy with Lynda Lurei

Join the FitBloggin’ crew and host Kia Ruiz Friday night, Sept. 21 for the first ever FitBloggin’ Ignite Fitness!