Session Overview: The Business of Blogging

In the world of social media, there are lots of people who will try and “blow smoke up your ass” especially when it comes to making money. And there is really no way of knowing who’s telling you the truth UNLESS you’ve been working with PR for a while. So let’s face it, fitness/health blogging is a newer niche and with new niches comes new challenges. We’ve seen mom bloggers make money for years now. Is fitness/health blogging going to become the next place where PR drops cash and opportunities? Let’s find out. Join Leah Segedie of Bookieboo LLC for a discussion on this topic including…

  • Where is the line between “paying your dues” and working for free?
  • Should bloggers do free work at all?
  • How do bloggers get ahead?
  • How to know when you are being taken advantage of?
  • What kind of opportunities can you really expect?