Session Overview: Find Success as a Freelance Writer

Whether a writer wants to “just get my stuff out there” or to expand an audience beyond one’s own blog, guest-posting and other freelance opportunities can propel a writer into the spotlight like never before! But most freelance jobs are more work than they are benefit to a writer — dead-end and unsuccessful at earning the notice of new readers.

Fear not, fair writers! Though it can be scary to navigate past the doorstep of your own blog, you’ll soon find an increase in readership (and maybe a little extra cash in your pocket!). Let’s talk about how to make freelancing work for you:

  • What opportunities exist for freelance writing in print and online forums?
  • Which activities are right for growing my audience?
  • Show me the money! How do I find freelance jobs that pay?
  • How can I tell if I’m being scammed?
  • Should I approach an outlet that isn’t recruiting freelance writers? What do I say?
  • They turned me down! Why don’t they like me?

“Finding Success as a Freelance Writer” will be led by Susan Lacke of Competitor Magazine and No Meat Athlete. Have other questions on freelancing you think she should include? Tell her on Twitter (@SusanLacke) or in the comments.


  1. Tricky-dicky says

    why would I want to be in the spotlight? I write to get published-and paid.