Session Overview: Drive More Traffic Through SEO

Are you writing for your mom and distant relatives, or actually trying to grow an audience on your blog? If traffic is important then SEO needs to be a part of your strategy.

Brandi Koskie is the director of publishing at, where SEO and organic traffic are the name of the game! The leading health site’s stories, reviews, and news are regularly found on page one of Google and Google News, and she’s got the traffic to prove it. She’ll show you simple and effective tricks of the trade that can help grow traffic and visibility for your blog. Prepare to look at headlines, photos, and links in a different but far more fruitful way.

You’ll learn how to use free web tools to craft stronger headlines, how to employee a proper linking strategy, why naming your photos is crucial, and even where to source stories when writer’s block strikes.

Search Engine Optimization requires a little bit of extra effort before pressing “publish,” but even a little bit can go a long way.


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    I think that if you write with passion about something that people want to know about then you're job is 90% done. Then knowledge of SEO can make the difference in the rankings and for conversions.

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    Even with the 90% job done, you have to concentrate really really hard on the rest 10% in order to make sure that the world actually gets to see the great work you have done.