Ignite Fitness Chat and General FitBloggin’ Q&A

The Ignite Fitness proposals are flowing in, and we are ecstatic by the excitement FitBloggin’ attendees are showing for this year’s keynote. (Click here if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

But some of the proposals we’ve received are slightly missing the point of the Ignite format. We want to help applicants take a good idea and turn it into an amazing pitch and presentation.

Join us Thursday, April 12, at 9 p.m. ET on Twitter to get tips, tricks, pointers and any questions answered about the Ignite format and any general FitBloggin’12 questions. Current applicants will be able to reply if they’d like to revamp their proposal after the chat session. Remember, the FitBloggin’ community will be voting for seven of the 14 presentations. That means you have to BRING IT in the proposal stage.

The chat will be moderated by our fearless Ignite Fitness leader Kia (@bodhi_bear), and we will be joined by Ryan Wanger (@ryanwanger) an Ignite Boulder organizer and Kipp Champers (@lloyddobbler) an Ignite Denver organizer. Oh! and me, @RoniNoone, organizer and host of FitBloggin’.

Come with your questions and we’ll be ready to help! “See” you Thursday!

Tweetgrid URL: http://bit.ly/IUiR3q