Session Overview: When You Have a Lot to Lose

There is no question that having to lose any kind of significant amount of weight is not only physically demanding but also mentally tough to accept. All weight loss is challenging, but when you wake up in the morning and resign yourself to having to lose more than 100 pounds, it can feel insurmountable.

Tara and Meegan don’t want anyone to be afraid to attend FitBloggin 12 because they think no one will understand what it’s like to lose 100, 200 or 300 pounds. Join them (they’ve both tackled 100-pound+ weight loss) and others on their journeys as they invite you to talk about the process of fitness and weight loss when you have a lot to lose. Share a dialogue and experiences with those who understand what it is like to make the decision to change your life through fitness. Come talk with those who understand what it’s like to not recognize yourself in the mirror even after a year of living in a new body. Feel welcomed with those who know what it’s like to feel intimidated to join a room full of strangers no matter where you are on your life-changing journey.

Topics to be covered include:

The Before:

  • When you go from starting over and over again, to finally reaching the turning point

The During

  • How to keep moving forward toward your goals
  • Finding new passions
  • Uncovering the truth

The After:

  • Goals reached … now what?
  • How to love yourself in a new skin


  1. shellimartineau says

    So, so wish I could attend. I'm 70lbs into my goal of losing 200. It has been TOUGH. It'd be nice to commiserate. I go to Tara's former gym (I think)! <3

    • says

      Shelli! We would love to have you join us – no way you can make it to Baltimore in September? Congrats on your success so far – that's incredible progress!

      • shellimartineau says

        I wish I could! Sadly, I would need some serious sponsorship! Maybe FitBlog 13??

  2. says

    This sounds fantastic, can't wait! As someone who hesitated go to FB'11 for feeling too lardy, I encourage anyone out there to come along! Never been to a more wonderfully welcoming (and crazy fun) event in mah life 🙂

    • says

      Us too Shauna! (PS – I can't wait to meet you, I followed your blog for YEARS all quiet like before I made the decision to change my life) We hope to meet lots of brand new FitBloggers this year (like me!) Tara and I are so excited!

  3. says

    I absolutely can't wait for this session! I was also very hesitant about attending FB'11 due to my size, but everyone made me feel completely at home and a part. I've really been struggling lately with feeling like I'm stuck in that "starting over and over again" phase of losing and gaining the same 5-10 pounds all the time. I need to find that "click" to get me to the turning point where I can really start making forward progress again. I can't wait to see Tara again and get to meet you in person, Meegan! 🙂

    • says

      So glad you're planning to join us Mel. I can't wait to meet you in person either! We all have so much to share an learn from each other.

  4. says

    I'm really looking forward to this session! I have about 80lbs or so to lose and while I love reading blogs, it's hard to fully connect with the thin runner or foodie. This weight loss journey is tough and extra support is essential. I hope to be informed, renewed, and encouraged at Fitbloggin '12. Can't wait!

  5. says

    So excited to see both of you and be at this session! I have another 130 lbs to go and can use all the support that comes my way. Can't wait!

  6. says

    I am so looking forward to this session. I'm in the "lost it all (several times!) and need to lose it again once I figure out how to keep it off" category and I can't imagine a better place and group to begin again with.