Session Overview: Reach Out From Your Keyboard and Connect

Kara Richardson Whitely was never one to attract attention. In fact, when her weight topped 360 pounds, she hid from the world. Like many people who struggle with their weight, she struggled between intention and action. She had a secret longing to be a hiker girl, the trouble was, she would pine over adventure travel magazines while eating a king-size Kit Kat bar.

One New Year’s Eve, she decided not to write down how many pounds she wanted to lose. Instead, she focused on what she wanted to do. She wanted to hike mountains.

She documented her journey from flat trails to the top of Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro (three times), on as a way of sharing inspiration and raising money for Global Alliance for Africa’s AIDS orphans programs. Over the years, her weight has gone up and down like a mountain range, but her focus is about staying on a healthy path and helping others. In 2009, she took on an event for charity each month and called it her Save the World Workout.

This session will talk about how to rally people around a cause, spark action and reach your goals in the online world. In the end, you’ll be inspired to take on your dreams, knowing anything is possible one click at a time.