Session Overview: Blogging – How Much is Too Much?

As bloggers we write about our lives, weight loss, families, fitness and everything in between!

Some share EVERYTHING, others not so much. Where do you fall in?

In real life, we keep weigh-ins, diet slip-ups, family drama and your cat’s bowel movements to our close inner circle, but blogging has blurred the lines of what is acceptable to share. Let’s chat about reality blogging and how social media makes you feel.

  • Where do you draw the line of what to share?
  • Would you rather die than post your weight on your blog? Do you care if others do?
  • Does oversharing make you anxious?
  • Do you take time off from blogging?
  • Have you considered skipping out of a blogger event because it’s nerve wracking?

This informal discussion is led by Monica, from Run Eat Repeat and Cynthia, from It All Changes. Don’t be afraid to tell us your deepest darkest inner secrets on twitter @RunEatRepeat and @ItAllChanges or in the comments.


  1. says

    I have no problem telling people my weight, what it is now and what it was before too. I do find that there are a lot of blogs that "overshare" (great word) and those are the ones that I tend to stay away from. I don't need to know every detail about your life, and I don't share every detail about my life, either.
    I also totally take breaks from blogging – I just wrote a post after a 3 week hiatus. I find that a lot of bloggers live to blog as oppose to just living. I worry I'd miss my life if I was worried about taking pictures and documenting my life for the masses.

  2. Cynthia (It All Changes) says

    Great points Carly. I hope you join us to discuss what you think is over sharing and how you make the decision to take time off.


  3. says

    As a new blogger, one of the things that helped me was to not compare myself to other bloggers. I enjoy their content, web design, and pictures but I have to be me. So I only share what I'm comfortable with and I share it when I want to. For example, I took a trip to San Diego, I did not share the details of my trip until it was almost over. Not that anyone cares, but I felt most comfortable doing it this way. In addition, having a blogging schedule of every other day, instead of daily or several times a day, really works for me so that I enjoy life and blogging simultaneously.

  4. says

    Definitely a session for me as I am currently on a blogging break. I overshared too much and it left me feeling exposed. It would be nice to hear thoughts on this other side of blogging.