Session Overview: Using Social Media to Drive Blog Traffic

So many of us love Facebook for personal use and staying in touch with friends. What if you could use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and other social media channels to increase blog traffic and build a stronger community? With existing social media sites gaining more mainstream popularity and new sites appearing monthly, how do you determine which are the best ones for increasing blog readership?

Topics to be covered include:

  • An overview of the most popular social media sites and any emerging sites that could be beneficial to blog traffic
  • Ways to optimize your presence on social media channels
  • A set of tools you can use to more efficiently use your time on social media sites
  • Ways to measure and evaluate which of your social media efforts are bringing in the most traffic

This session will be presented by Emily Sandford, weight loss blogger behind Skinny Emmie. Emily owns Authentically Social, a social media marketing agency. If you have specific topics you would like her to cover, leave a comment here or tweet her @skinnyemmie.


  1. says

    Can't wait for this session – I'm so overwhelmed by trying to keep up a little bit on every social media site and I just feel like it's never enough. Exhausting!