Welcome Attune!

Attune Foods

We are excited to announce Attune will be joining us as a FitBloggin’ sponsor again this year!

In your attendee gift box will be a box of Uncle Sam high-fiber cereal and a box of gluten-free Erewhon organic cereal. If you aren’t familiar with these fabulous brands …

Uncle Sam

  • Created in 1908
  • Made of hard red winter wheat berries from South Dakota which are steamed, rolled and toasted
  • Less than 1g sugar / 7g protein / 10g fiber per ¾-cup serving
  • A favorite of RDs, health professionals and nutritionists as well as recommended by the South Beach Diet, Engine 2 Diet, Belly Fat Cure, Gold Coast Cure, etc. …


  • Created in late 1960s by people looking to get back to the source of where food comes from
  • An organic line of cereals, which features seven gluten-free cereal flavors, certified gluten free by GIG
  • Popular flavors include Crispy Brown Rice-Gluten Free, Rice Twice and Corn Flakes
  • A favorite of people with food allergies and people who like simple foods simply made

Click here to learn more about Attune and their wonderful line of products.