FitBloggin’12 Has a Heartbeat!

This post is Looong overdo. My apologies. Trust me when I say there has been a lot of activity in the FitBloggin’ camp. We’ve been negotiating the venue, forming a team and trying to dream up the perfect fitness centric blogging conference EVER.

At this point here’s what I can tell you…

  1. FitBloggin’12 will be happening. This I promise.
  2. Baltimore is the home of FitBloggin’. Expect next years conference to be in hosted in Charm City. However, we may have more organized FitBloggin’ Local style events coming to a city near you in the future.
  3. FitBloggin’12 will shift from the Spring to the Fall. We don’t have the exact days yet but expect late September/early October.

Thank you for being patient. We wil announce further details as soon as possible!


  1. sara says

    I'm so excited about this! I wish I would have gone this year but next year I am nailing the conference to my calendar 🙂