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The Laughing Cow

Join us Friday for the panel, The Laughing Cow Community Leader Model: Exploring The Relationship Between Blogger and Brand where we will…

  • Discuss how The Laughing Cow is growing their community by fostering a connection between prospective community members through current community leaders with expertise in the following fields: fitness, food, nutrition and healthy lifestyle.
  • Community Leaders will talk about how the relationship with The Laughing Cow brand works within their own brand/persona and in general the structure for working together.
  • The Laughing Cow community leaders will share their experiences working with brands to help show the blogger audience some strategies and ideas for how they might support/engage The Laughing Cow or other consumer brands.

Panelists include:
Patricia Bannan, M.S., R.D., The Laughing Cow®’s Nutrition Community Leader
Sarah Dussault, The Laughing Cow®’s Fitness Community Leader
Roni Noone, The Laughing Cow®’s Food Community Leader

Nicole D’Alonzo, The Laughing Cow® Community Manager