Submit your web site for critique in the “Design 101” session

Part of the “Design 101” session will include a design critique of blogs written by participants brave enough to submit their sites for public review. As part of her session, web designer Jennette Fulda from Make My Blog Pretty will point out areas for improvement in your design and highlight the things you’re doing right. She promises not to make you cry. If you’re interested in potentially having your site reviewed, leave a comment below with your blog address.


  1. says

    I know you will be swamped….so I won’t be super greedy and jump in first.

    But if yer not swamped…..just know id always love your .02!!

  2. says

    Oh why not!

    I'd be up for getting helpful tips on improving my blog. Especially since I'm moving to this summer.

  3. maria_w_in_nj says

    Jennette PLEASE pick my very simple, dull, needs everything blog! This newbie to blogging could surely use some help…I would love to learn how to link up pages…do a different header, do a progress photo page..a weigh in page, well just about everything. But I will be taking the class so hopefully I can learn how to do these things….But if you would pick my blog apart, I would be oh sooooo happy….plus I'm your #1 fan!!! =0)

    Please Jennette "Make my Blog Pretty!"