Session Overview: Know Your Stats: Mining your website analytics to improve your blog.

Do you know how long people are on your site? Can you tell a potential advertiser the percentage of traffic clicks through to the outgoing links you write about? Or, How many people tried to fill out your contact me form and failed?

Scott Stawarz will provide answers to these questions and more. In this session, Scott will discuss:

  • How to set-up Google Analytics on your blog.
  • Define some metrics and terms to know such as: Bounce Rate, Referral vs Direct, Conversions, Engagement, Visits vs. Views vs. Hits
  • Describe Event tracking, Goal tracking, and Site Searches.
  • Building custom reports to focus on your most important objectives.
  • Going beyond Google Analytics: What other tools you can use to understand the readers of your blog?


    • Scott Stawarz says

      Hi Katie, what would you prefer? I can adjust on the fly.

      My current plan is to talk 80 to 90 % Google Analytics.

      Most of what I talk about can be applied to Yahoo analytics, Urchin, Omniture, and other tools.