Session Overview: Building an Online Community: Balancing, Monetizing and Inspiring!

Building community is necessary for the success of your blog. You’ll need to not only inspire your community but balance it with a monetizing strategy. Join us for Building an Online Community: Balancing, Monetizing and Inspiring were we will discuss:

  • How to build real life events to create a community that can transition seamlessly from offline to online and back.
  • How to spread the love by pushing out content from other bloggers in the community.
  • It’s more than just getting free product. We’ll talk about how to leverage brands to grow your blog, even if you are not offered money for a brand relationship.
  • How to define and protect your brand so that you work with the right advertisers.
  • The importance of celebrating the progress of people in your community and creating challenges so that everybody wins.


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    Kate Brown, Community Manager at The Daily Burn (@dailyburn), Christy of @shrinkingjeans, @Jacqcarly of Fiatrella and me, @juliejulie from Chubby Mommy Running Club. See you there!


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