Live Blog: Vlogging 101 Break into Video Blogging

Do you know how video can help your blog??  The Sky’s the limit with tips from Jendi Pagano.

The statistics are exciting and are waiting for you to leverage them!!

–          People communicate 7% by words and 55% by body language.

–          People retain 10% of what they read and 20% of they hear and 50% of what they read and hear.

–          Video gives a 53% better chance of being on first on a google search with video

–          52% of people that watch a video will take action after watching it – remember to have a call to action

Are you interested in adding video to your blog or creating a new community from video?

What you need to start (Hardware):

  1. Recording device – Jendi loves the Kodak Zi8
  2. Microphone – any device ~$20 is sufficient
  3. Tripod

What you need (Software):

  1. Start with what you have Movie maker or iMovie
  2. Next steps: Pinnacle, Corel, Adobe (MSFT) Final Cut Express, Sony Vegas (MAC)

Jendi’s Top Recording Tips:

  1. Look Presentable – One chance to make a first impression – be yourself!
  2. Have a  blog in addition to your YouTube channel
  3. Background – nothing that distracts & a background that supports your expertise
  4. Timing – 2 to 4 minutes is the ideal.  Break it up if longer.
  5. Call to action – Subscribe, leave a comment
  6. Stability – easier to watch
  7. Content – Education + Entertainment = Success
  8. Lighting – desk lamps that swivel are good tools
  9. Audio – Most important item for your viewers!
  10. SMILE!!!

Where do you start with – what do you talk about –

  1. Intro/Welcome – who are you?
  2. Product Demo – do a DRY run to be sure you know how to use it
  3. Promotional
  4. Training
  5. Testimonial
  6. Video Blog

Editing – don’t let it intimidate you.  It will really increase your quality.

Music – search for “free royalty free music” and check the terms.  Istock has some great video and pictures you can utilize.

Video hosts – you don’t need to pay for the storage on your own site and can build a second community at the same time as your blog.  Top sites:  Youtube,, Vimeo, Viddler, Momtv

Getting over your Top Fears:

1.  Fear of Image  – Start small to build practice and comfort

2.  Fear of Technology  – Start with what you have web cam, handycam

*************TIPS AND TRICKS FOR YOUR VLOGGING!!!***********

  1. Use what you have for video options – just get started!
  2. Leverage the tutorials on your new camera or software
  3. Be aware of people in the background if you are shooting video in a public location
  4. Make others laugh
  5. Watch your own videos – the entire way through before you post.  If you can’t sit through it, your followers won’t.
  6. Try one new thing at a time
  7. Don’t be afraid to pause
  8. Talk about passionate topics to you – It’s contagious!
  9. Find a community – share your embed codes with other like minded individuals, blogs, and brands!
  10. Start with your blog address url in the YouTube posts

There is something you can find in each and every post – video or words – that you want to do differently.  The biggest message of the session is to just get started!

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