Fitness blogs on the stage!

Join Paolo Sambrano and Susan Ito (“Foodie McBody”) as their fitness blogs come to life on the stage!

Paolo is not above lying to the clerk at Popeye’s, saying that the 24 piece chicken strip meal he’s buying is for his family when what he really intends is to construct chicken strip-biscuit-french fry-mashed potato sandwiches while watching Star Trek: The Next Generation in the dark. Between kettlebells, strippers with hearts of gold, and weighing food, I Get Wet is about being a fatass, not being a fatass, and being a fatass again.

Foodie McBody was an overweight, rice-loving couch potato when she got the wakeup call that threatened diabetes. Follow her roller coaster ride in “FoodFoodBodyBody”, from the doctor’s office to Weight Watchers and the world of Couch-to-5k and secret blogging. Can she have her cake and have her health too?

Susan and Palo will be performing Friday night at 8PM in Salon A and/or B, we are still working on some details!


  1. Foodie McBody says

    Oh I really hope y'all will come and see us!! We'll be sad if you don't.