Cto5k Series: This is IT! – The FitBloggin’11 5k Route Info and More!

This week’s training schedule…

Week 9 – 5/15/2011

Workout 1
Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then jog 3 miles (or 30 minutes).
Workout 2
Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then jog 3 miles (or 30 minutes).
Workout 3
The FitBloggin’11 5k!!!

That’s right. You’re last workout in the Couch to 5k training program is the actual FitBloggin’5k!

Let me give you a bit of history…

The FitBloggin’ 5k and 1 mile walk is an informal fun run/walk around Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. The race and walk are not chip timed and there are no water stations on the course. The run was literally born out of the desire to kick off the conference with a burst of energy. Giving more seasoned runners a route to run with blogging friends while inspiring new runners to give a 5k a try without the pressure of a race.

The Logistics

A printed route will be distributed during registration and well as the morning of the event. We will be meeting in Kent at 7AM on Friday morning…

This also happens to be where most of the Friday Morning Activities will be held, including breakfast.

After a few words and a fun group photo… we are off!

The 1 mile – optional 2 mile – Walk

The walk is a loop leaving from the hotel. It will be lead by Carla AKA MizFitOnline. This year, we are offering a second lap for those interested in getting a bit more distance in. Click here to see the walking route.

The 5k Run

The run is an out and back. It will be lead by volunteer Jim Dallhoff. Click here to see the running route.

What if it rains?

We run! The forecast is calling for some scattered thunderstorms and a nice temperature in the 70s. Hopefully the rain will hold off. Expect a nice cool 60 degrees at 7AM. It should be perfect running weather.

Our Sponsor

New Balance is the official FitBloggin’5k sponsor. This year Holly Perkins will be running with us. She will also be leading a talk about Science of Fitness and Nutrition Trends after breakfast. A quick message from Holly…

Holly PerkinsI’ve coached hundreds of runners over the past 16 years. The week before the event
often brings a sense of nervousness and doubt. Many new runners worry that they won’t be able to complete the event. This kind of fear is human, normal, and to be expected during a new endeavor. Remember this: you have already succeeded. Over the past 8 weeks you have already provided your body with the preparation needed to complete this 5K. This week is simply one more small increase in running time- that’s it! You are fully ready and truly prepared to succeed this week! Even if you didn’t run all week, you could arrive at the start line and finish the race. You might be a little tired, but you’ll do it. Enjoy this week, remember the journey, and
always HAVE FUN. I’ll see you at the finish line – please come say hello!

Recovery Shakes!

In addition to New Balance’s generous sponsorship we are lucky enough to have a Recovery Sponsor as well. Join the Cherry Marketing Institute after the run for a recovery shake. They will have a table outside the hotel.

Mara’s Update

I’m so proud of Mara. She’s been training with us for her first 5k. Here’s her final update…

This week I had a moment when I realized that I had been jogging for 20 minutes, and I wasn’t looking down at the clock or counting the seconds or whining about wanting to be finished with it already. I was struck by the fact that in week one I couldn’t run for ONE minute without stopping, and now I am hustling along for 30 minutes. This week I extended one of my workouts, just to get the feel of what a full fledged 5K would be like, and I conquered a major life goal: Running 3 miles without stopping! I’m so proud of myself.

(Note: Mara is the writer behind the body-image blog, Medicinal Marzipan, and she is sharing her training with us weekly.)

Be sure to give her a big pat on the back during the run!


*Workouts based on the The Couch-to-5K ® Running Plan


  1. maria_w_in_nj says

    I'm walking 2X rain or shine!!! Who else will be walking? Can you tell how stinkin excited I am to attend…

    Great job Mara!!