Come Express Yourself At the FitBloggin’ Welcome and Name Tag Decorating Mixer!

Arriving early for the conference? Then Join us for the Welcome and Name Tag Decorating Mixer Thursday evening at 6 PM…

Click to enlarge map.

Light refreshments will be served at this informal event and my son, Ryan (pictured above) will be Captain of the Name Tag Decorating Table.

That’s right people you are decorating your own name tags this year!

We hope you have fun sharing a bit about yourself and your blog while meeting fellow attendees.

Also, keep an eye out for tags with this special sticker…

The special sparkle star sticker will be reserved only for those who are attending thier very first blogging conference or who have come alone. If you see one of these stars on a fellow attendee be sure to welcome them and of course, offer a free hug!

This event is partially sponsored by Fitness Trampoline.

If you haven’t already done so get those business cards printed. You’ll need at least one to enter a special raffle!

See you in a week!!


  1. jeninreallife says

    I am sorta bummed that I won't be in until 8:30 – think Ryan would decorate a tag for me?!?

  2. AJlovestolose says

    @Jen won't get in until 10:30– Ryan will need to make me one too! 🙂 AJLTL

  3. NYCPatty says

    How fun! I love how this decorating name tag is setting a very cool tone for the conference!
    And we get to meet Ryan! YAY! 🙂

  4. maria_w_in_nj says

    OK bear with me on this one fellow fitBlogger attendees, I am really stepping out of my comfort zone on attending this conference …this will be the first time in over 25 years that I will be traveling by myself without my husband ! yes I know some of you are saying what took you so long, or get life!! but this is huge for me, but I am so stinking excited to meet everybody. So if you see a 50something just wandering around, please, I'll take one of those hugs Roni is talking about…can't wait to get my star!!! Thank you Roni for this wonderful opportunity!! ps. Ryan is adorable!!

    • says

      Dear Maria – I will look for you! Can I just say I'm impressed with your bravery? I really mean that! This is a big deal to step out on your own, and we will welcome you with open arms. Can't wait to meet you!

  5. Foodie McBody says

    Hey Maria, I'm 50something too and I'll be wearing a FREE HUGS T-shirt! Comin' at you! And… I LOVE STICKERS! And decorating! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. says

    I'm so into this name tag thing. I started a women in tech group a few years ago and made them do name tag crafts every time! They groaned at first, then got totally into it and came up with the most amazing things. So much fun!