Help design the “Design 101: Simple tips to Build a Better Blog” session

The “Design 101” session in the Newbie track will be presented by web designer Jennette Fulda from Make My Blog Pretty. Jennette would like to know what FitBloggin’ attendees would most like to learn during her session. Possible points of interest might include:

  • Review general design concepts such as color, contrast, alignment, shape and more.
  • Information on how best to use fonts in your design.
  • Specific directions on how to make changes to your template in Blogger or WordPress.
  • How to use interface design to highlight the parts of your blog you want to bring attention to.
  • Examples of good and bad design

Or, suggest another design-related topic you’d like to learn more about. Let us know in the comments section below and Jennette will tailor her presentation to suit your interests.


  1. says

    I <3 Jennette Fulda and her college of design knowledge. And I'd like her to help me design a tumblr theme for WordPress hosted on blogger with a Drupal back-end.

  2. maria_w_in_nj says

    Hi Jennette, I want to learn how to do a progressive photo link and how to do a page of lets say weight losses…how can people just link to those on my blog. I am a 50something, a lot older than a lot the the people that are going to attend and I am new to this blog thing, so really anything you can show me to make my very simple little blog better and more interesting would be helpful…thanking you in advance…