Fit4FitBloggin Update!

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Mandy says:

Holy bejeebus, there are only 6 weeks left til Fitbloggin! I can’t handle it.

No, honestly, I can’t.

Because, as I was telling Jen last night, I kinda feel like a fitblogger fraud. Have I been a blogger lately? Not very much. Have I been super fit lately? It’s been iffy. So, needless to say I must really be falling down on the fitblogging.

So, I went to whine at Jen. And then, in typical Jen fashion, she said “Oh shut up. This is all part of the journey. Get your ass blogging and fitnessing. Duh.”

*Side note: See, people….this is why Jen is the awesome. For reals.*

But what is funny about all of this is that I really had been fitnessing. I was watching my food. I’ve started my 3-day for the Cure training again. I’ve been tracking my food. I’ve been yoga-ing and gym-ing and all sorts of fitness-ing. I just hadn’t seen the physical results. And I was stressed and unhappy. So stressed, trying to cram all of that in – and trying to become a runner at the same time. Which, incidentally, was going not so well.

*Another side note: Since we last spoke, I’ve had some annoying health stuff that kept me sidelined from diet/exercise/any-sort-of-routine. I’m finally feeling more like myself, but it took it’s toll, mentally.*

And again, that little voice in my ear (cough*Jen*cough) said to me “Why are you running? For yourself, or because everyone else is?”

Hmmmm….I never wanted to be a runner before. I guess I didn’t want to be left behind.

“Uhhhh, if it’s stressing you out and you are doing it for the wrong reasons, then stop doing it!”

Headsmack. Of course. It wasn’t making me happy.

Why does that happen? Why do we sometimes become so blind to what is so plainly in front of our own faces? Why do we refuse to listen to our hearts or even to logic? Why is it so hard to be kind to ourselves?!

Jen says:

I am available to smack heads all day!!

Seriously….I have learned everything I know from one, Leroy Jethro Gibbs…and sometimes, words are not needed. Sometimes, a good smack in the back of the head IS the answer!


I am learning that this journey is a never ending learning process. I continually learn new things about me, my body, my ability to grow and change and adapt. I am amazed at just how much I have learned.

When I learn, I share with everyone around me.

I am, after all, a teacher by day. superhero by night

Bear with me….

When I focus and plan I want to move more. When I move more I feel better. When I feel better….well, I feel better and everyone is happier.

Ya know what makes me happy?!?

Strolling or jogging with good tunes in my ears. I love walking and running, especially when I don’t focus on speed or pace or any of that stuff. I just go. Some days Lucy, my puppy, joins me. Some days my husband joins me. Now, my daughter has joined track and is asking me to go out with her on days track is not scheduled. I enjoy logging miles all year long but the end of Spring, before Summer’s heat is stifling, is my favorite time of the year.

Walking or running outside makes me happy!

Happy is very important to me all of the sudden.

Happy is the ONLY way I am going to finally get this fitness-ing down pat! Happy is the only way I am going to fitness consistently! (Shhhh, don’t tell Carla I spoke that C-word again!!)

On the running front…

I set a goal to run the entire 5K in Baltimore and I am on track (hehe, I really can’t help myself) to meet this goal. I currently am able to run a mile without stopping. I feel very confident that I will make my goal.

On the fun side of life…

I am so excited for fitbloggin! I cannot believe it is soooo close yet so far away!! There are so many awesome, amazing people I NEED to hug in real life!!

Mandy, I fear Baltimore is not gonna be ready for us!!!

Mandy says:

Oh I know it’s not! And from the tweets I’ve seen, there are quite a few of you ready to do a little bar hoping and booty shaking with us on Saturday night! Sweet!

And it sounds like there will be a lot to celebrate! All of you runners finishing strong, all the new people to meet, the multitude of free hugs to give out, and so much more!

So I am going to embrace the happy too. Even if the running has stopped and the stress is high, I still have much to be happy about. The negatives won’t rule me! And one of the best things to smile about is how soon we get to meet all of you!

So, what are happy about these days fitbloggers? We want to know!