Attune Foods’ sponsored breakfast and Q&A panel

Attune Foods Attune foods’ believes what matters most is what’s inside- inside your body and inside the food you are eating. They make foods for digestive health like Uncle Sam high fiber cereals, Erewhon organic certified gluten free cereals and attune certified gluten free chocolate probiotic bars. Get excited because they are going to sponsoring breakfast and a coinciding Q&A on Friday called “Go with your Gut: How Nutrition and Digestion Affect Your Performance.” Keep your eyes peeled for your swag bag- each one includes one of their attune chocolate probiotic bars- a tasty treat that’s low in sugar and chock full of probiotics.

We want to get the conference started on the right foot and know feeding you well is the best way to start (especially after you’ve tackled the 5K)! Breakfast on Friday will consist of Uncle Sam cereals available in Original (less than 1g sugar and 10 g fiber!) along with Uncle Sam Strawberry cereal and Uncle Sam Honey Almond. Made of whole wheat berry flakes that are steamed, rolled and toasted to a crispy crunch, Uncle Sam cereals combine the high fiber wheat flakes with heart-healthy flaxseeds.

For our gluten free attendees- we’ve got you covered. Breakfast will feature a gluten-free area with Erewhon organic certified gluten free cereals in Crispy Brown Rice- Gluten Free, Corn Flakes and Crispy Brown Rice with Mixed Berries.

Attune foods panel survey – make the Q&A panel customized with your questions

For the Q&A panel, attune foods wants to hear from you! What burning question do you have about how nutrition and digestion affect your fitness? Click hre and give them your questions and feedback by participating in their short survey so this informal Q&A will address the questions important to you.

We are looking forward to have them as FitBloggin’ sponsors this year.



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