Welcome Golden Sun Marketing!

At Golden Sun Marketing (GSM) it’s all about fresh produce. From potatoes, tomatoes and apples to mushrooms, oranges, leafy greens and more, the staff of Golden Sun sees and tastes it all. As an agency specializing in fresh produce, GSM provides strategy and marketing services to all aspects of the fresh produce industry, from the companies that produce the seed, to the farmers that grow the fresh fruits and vegetables to the retailers that make the product available for sale.

The staff at Golden Sun believes whole heartedly that they can help influence changes in the consumption of fruits and vegetables. They help their clients introduce new, great tasting fruits and vegetables to the market and provide consumers with information and tools that make fruits and vegetables more accessible and easier to prepare.

We’re excited to welcome Golden Sun Marketing to FitBloggin’ 2011 and enjoy a delicious, healthy lunch featuring Tasteful Selections baby potatoes and Nature’s Greens leafy greens. These products are just a few of the products they help promote.

Tasteful Selections

Tasteful Selections are gourmet, baby potatoes. These small potatoes are prewashed, need no peeling and are ready to cook. Their small sizes, tender skins and moist flesh speeds the cooking time and makes potatoes your new go to convenience food. Available in three sizes (1-bite, 2-bite, and 3-bite) and red, yellow, white, gold and purple varieties, your flavor options are limitless. Visit www.tastefulselections.com for recipes and cooking tips and see why these potatoes are “Simply Amazing”.


For three generations the Rawl family has been growing leafy greens and vegetables. Like all Southerners, they grew up understanding the delicious qualities of leafy greens. Today as the largest grower of leafy greens in the United States they are excited to make their fresh, chopped, prepackaged leafy greens available to consumers throughout the U.S. Nature’s Green’s are prewashed and ready to cook. Visit www.rawl.net for fast, easy and most importantly, delicious recipes featuring leafy greens.

During the conference, be sure to stop by the Golden Sun Marketing booth and learn about all the great fruits and vegetables they represent and learn more about Tasteful Selections potato and WP Rawl leafy greens. Ask how you can be part of their exciting mission to help more consumers eat more fruits and vegetables.