Welcome Eggland’s Best!

FitBloggin’ is excited to announce out latest sponsor, Eggland’s Best!

egglands best

Eggland’s Best is America’s #1 Egg! When you’re eating Eggland’s Best, you are getting the best in taste,quality and nutrition from our all-natural, farm fresh eggs. Compared to ordinary eggs, EB eggs contain 25% less saturated fat, 10 times more Vitamin E, 3 times more Vitamin B12, 2 times more Vitamin D, and double the Omega 3! Eggland’s Best eggs also contain 35% more lutein than ordinary eggs, 125 mg choline, 175mg of cholesterol and are a good source of vitamin B2. When you see the red “EB” stamp, you know you are getting the best – Eggland’s Best!

Cathe Friedrich, Eggland’s Best fitness partner and 2011 National Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee, will be holding a Friday morning fitness challenge. Cathe is often credited with being the first to bring advanced fitness videos to the home exerciser and helped shatter the theory that only celebrities could star in fitness videos. As a certified Group Fitness Instructor, Cathe has taught thousands of classes at her New Jersey health club and has helped to train many of today’s top instructors.

Click here to learn more about Cathe and here to visit the Eggland’s Best web site.


  1. jsutera654 says

    OMG!! I LOVE Cathe!! I've gone to her road trip for the past three years in NJ and she always kicks my booty! I am SO excited she'll be at Fitbloggin this year since this is the first time I won't be at her road trip!! LOVE HER!!