FitBloggin’ Featured Cupcake by Sugared Bakery

Yup you read that correctly. FitBloggin’ is going to have a featured cupcake this year thanks to Beth of Sugared Bakery.

sugared bakery

Sugared Bakery will be hosting an official Friday Morning Cupcake Break during the conference. We’ve already decided on three flavors but need your help on the last one…

In case you are curious Sugared Bakery:

  • All vegan
  • I use only non-hydrogenated shortening and margarine.
  • Coconut oil is used when possible
  • Organic ingredients are used if possible
  • All food colorings are natural (I use India Tree brand)

Click here to learn more and here to see Beth’s other blog, Jogger’s Life


    • SugaredBeth says

      Hi Katie,

      Unfortunately, gluten-free baking is not my forte, so we will only be offering vegan cupcakes this time around. I really wish I could do gluten-free, but I've had no luck!

  1. bodhibear says

    I won't be able to eat the cupcakes (sugar cane allergy) but I still voted and hold no ill will to whoever munches on my cupcake. An official cupcake? This is hilariously awesome!