Saturday Keynote Announced!

Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy

Join us Saturday to hear the amazing story of two average guys who were able to create a huge following, meet and interview famous celebrities, and get a book deal all using the web and social media!

Since 2005, The Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy radio show has been educating, inspiring and motivating listeners all over the world in their quest to lose weight and lead a more active, healthier life. In addition to their awesome radio show, they have a blog and recently published the book 35 Things To Know To Raise Active Kids (Good Things to Know).

Dr. Fitness, also known as Dr. Adam Shafran, is an internationally known health and fitness expert who has appeared and contributed material for global giants like the BBC Worldwide, The Huffington Post, WebMD, WomenÕs Fitness, Eating Well Magazine, and SoBeFit Magazine. After graduating from Rutgers with a degree in exercise physiology, Dr. Shafran traveled to Atlanta, to attend Life Chiropractic College. Upon earning his doctorate, Dr. Shafran began practicing in Atlanta and soon found his niche by combining his expertise in exercise science with sports medicine and began treating many top professional athletes.

Fat Guy, Lee Kantor, didn’t set out to become "the Fat Guy." He kind of grew into the Fat Guy physique and persona as his metabolism slowed and his stress levels increased. Growing up in Miami, Lee was a very active kid, who has fond memories of playing catch and racquetball with his dad. Today he can be found playing catch and racquetball with his son Max and taking family walks with his wife, Abbe. When he isn’t co-hosting The Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy Show, Lee produces radio shows for entrepreneurs at Business RadioX in Atlanta.

Please help me give Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy a warm welcome! I’m ecstatic they will be joining us this year for FitBloggin’!


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    I think this is awesome! I don't think I've ever had more fun doing an interview than when I went on with these guys! Can't wait to meet them and hear their sweeeeeet keynote!