Fit4FitBloggin – Goal Updates.

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Jen says:

accccckkkk!!! I just looked at the fitbloggin countdown thingie on my blog and its under 85 days. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!?

I am just getting back into a groove with fitness. I really had to, and continue to, fight to make fitness a priority. The great plague is gone and I am feeling good. The husband and the daughter are over the sickness as well. We are moving on.

A silver lining to the Great Plague: I learned a lot! I have a whole new outlook and I am taking a fresh approach to my journey. I am happily an imperfect work in progress and I accept and love me! Whoa! Like I said, I learned a lot while I was sick and recovering from sickness.

I will get to my fitness goals (hang with me because I am going to announce a BIG fitness goal in a bit) but first there a few little details. I have given up on this idea that happiness is a number on the scale. I have given up perfection. I will not “diet” so that I lose x-number of pounds before fitbloggin; the thought did cross my mind but I had to be true to myself. I hate dieting. I am embracing healthy living, and for me – healthy has nothing to do with what I weigh!

I am embracing fitness. I love running but I have never really put my whole effort into it. In fact, I haven’t been running. Even before I caught the plague, I hadn’t been running.

Big sigh here.

All is not lost because I have not given up! And, I have a goal!! It’s a BIG one!!

Mandy, should I let everyone in on my big goal??

Mandy says:

Um….YES! But, to build the suspense, let’s take a mini-trip into my mind…

  1. Girl Scout cookies are everywhere. They are on the streets, they are in my house (by the case-load, as I’m a leader,) and they are in my stomach. Save me!
  2. Keeping track of what you eat is hard when you want to ignore that fact that you just snarfed down entirely too many tagalongs.
  3. Fitbloggin is HOW soon?!

Okay, I’m done. So, Jen, tell us!!!

Jen says:

Mandy, I remember the year my little darling was in Girl Scouts and I volunteered to be the cookie mom…bless you my friend!! Sanity will return soon but first …STEP AWAY FROM THE COOKIES!!!

And, on to my big announcement. Confession: I actually already blogged about my big goal a few days ago.

My Goal: I am going to run the entire fitbloggin 5K!!

This is huge for me! I have been using the run walk method but as you all know, I haven’t really been running. I swear the sickness sucked all the life out of me and has left me with weak lungs and weak legs. I am almost starting at scratch. So with this reset I am setting new goals. One of those goals is to run without the walking breaks as a crutch. (Just to clarify, I loved the walk break method but I need to push myself harder. I need to push myself to do something that is going to be hard and quite possibly painful at times.)

Mandy says:

You can do it Jen! I know it!

Did you all know that Jen is one of my inspirations to just recently start trying the Couch to 5K program? It’s true. Her and a bunch of other Fitbloggers (@amerrylife @mrsfatass and @lissajoy ) did a neat thing last year…they ran the mile walk. And it was awesome! While at that time I had no interest in becoming a runner, just watching them stirred something inside me – made me want to push myself. And so, a tiny little “what if you tried” seed was planted. And now I have started the plan. (It’s pretty pitiful now…you can see my tweets of pain and frustration periodically. But I’ll get there, if I keep trying! Or, at least, so I’m told….)

So all of that is to say that Jen is my running role model! She challenges herself, but is loving to her body too. For that reason, I know you can do this, Jen!

Jen says:

Go MANDY GO!!! I am proud of you for starting the C25K!! Starting really is the hardest step!!

Ok, Fitbloggers, Mandy and I have big plans…what awesomness are you planning?!?

Note from Roni: Keep an eye out of the FitBloggin’ blog! We’ll be started a C25K series of posts in a couple of weeks!


  1. Laurie says

    You guys got me motivated. I am a runner, I guess, but have been walking a lot these past 2 months because I am doing the Avon 2 day Walk 2 weeks before Fitbloggin (26 miles Sat. 13 miles Sun of walking). I want to run the 5k, so I am going to get some running in w/ all the walking I've been doing.

  2. says

    Go, Laurie! I will actually be in the same boat – I am scheduled to do the Komen 3-day (again) this September! So I'll have to start working in both walking and running and cross training! Fun times. 😉

  3. Thea @ Im A Drama Mama says

    My original goal to be Tri Ready by Fitbloggin' has been revamped a bit. I'm two months in to my Race A Month in 2011 and there's no stopping me. Except for injury. That's stopping me a little bit. I've got my March race in a few weeks and I'll be lucky if I can run any of it at this point. But that won't stop me from walking it!