Fit4FitBloggin: Happy New Year!

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Jen says:

WELCOME 2011!!!

When last we left you, there was a FANTABULOUS prize up for the taking…
drumroll, please…

Congratulations, @MelGetsFit! You won!

I hope that you all had an awesome holiday season. I know that I enjoyed every bit of the holidays!! I love the extra time with my little tripod (that is what I call my family – me, the big man, and the kid.

But, I am sort of happy to be back to the routine and structure of school. Christmas and a week off from school and the New Year’s Eve parties have left me stuffed! Slowly I am starting to deflate and come back to reality.

I chose against the traditional New Year’s resolution for a number of reasons, but mainly I have never been successful with resolutions. I need to set goals for myself but I need to set goals when they need to be set and besides as a teacher, January is the middle of the year. I may not buy into the resolution thing, but I do love a good challenge and January 1 seems to be a time for TONS of challenges flying around twitter and facebook. Can you guess how many challenges I am participating in?!? I love a good challenge!! I love the camaraderie of a good challenge.

I found a few challenges that have similar goals – basically, making movement a priority. I have committed to movement for 100 days in a row. Movement, not exercise. Intentional movement. Simple and beneficial – what’s not to love. I have managed to rope a bunch of friends into taking the challenge and I even have a student taking the challenge.

How cool is that?!?! It is a non-intimidating challenge….don’t ya wanna join me?!?

Remember that funk I blabbed on and on about in the last post?!? FUNK BE GONE!! I have obliterated that funk and replaced it with commitment! I am committed to being the best me and that means eating right and moving my body!
And my mouth…err…fingers….dang I can ramble, but I really should let Mandy jump in here and say “Howdy!”

Mandy says:


Well, winter took it’s toll on me – pound-wise, and sick-wise.

We were struck with with the plague. And by we, I mean mostly me. I’m over it now, but I was just so upset about the fact that this stupid “bug” (aka, the virus that was determined to kill my spirit) was taking away all that good “lets-make-2011-a-great-year-for-resolutions” mojo. I mean, how are you supposed to work out, eat right, drink your water, get your house organized, and be an all around supermom if you can barely make it to get a new box of tissues with out feeling like you are about to die? Yeah.

What? You think I’m exaggerating? Or perhaps being a tad overdramatic? Or that maybe I need to put my big girl pants on? Okay, fine then….*stomp stomp stomp*

I did. I put my big girl pants on. And listened to a fabulous fitblogger, Journey Beyond Survial, who told me that taking care of myself, was and is a fantastic resolution, in and of itself. That led me to a strict talk with the foreign invader in my body. I told him he could take his time, have fun…but I’d be back soon. I napped, drank my fluids, and got better.

Now, a solid 10 days later, I’m feeling almost back to normal. (Except the way my body decides I need to cough at the most random/inopportune times – particularly when a non-sick person is standing within feet of my face. Eww. My bad.)

Summary? I felt sick. I’m mostly better. I go to the new gym and my weight watchers meeting on Wednesday, yoga on Thursday, and then I continue to march towards my goals. Even if I did miss the first part of January. Which, incidentally, I have claimed to be just the leftovers of 2010, so it doesn’t really count anyway.

How about all of you? Did you get out of your funks last week? Are you kicking resolutiony ass?

Jen Says:

I love me some Mandy!!

Let’s all cheer each other on this month; it seems A WHOLE LOT of us are fighting and emerging from funks! WE ARE FIGHTING people and that is what’s important!

Keep fighting…..and tell us all about it!!!

We really do need your inspiration!


  1. JourneyBeyondSurvival says

    I'm so glad you're feeling better. I've been wondering about that. It really is a great thing to take care of you through sickness and health. You're gonna do so much better now that you've been healthy in your head too. xoxo

  2. says

    Hey Jen ! I like your post. Resolution is something that we propose to our selfs and we do, and even though you might think your a little down when it comes to make resolutions, hey is a resolution, which means that there are challenges and steps to take, but hey don't be discourage and make it happened. Good Luck with your resolution for this year. 🙂