F4FB – iPod Shuffle Giveaway!

The FitBloggin’ Girls are back this time they come bearig gifts! iPod Suffle anyone? Details below…

Mandy says:  

Hey there, Fitbloggers! Well, October is gone – and hopefully all of the sweet candy temptations are gone with it. Welcome to November! I can’t believe it’s just about the Holiday Season. I’m so not ready. Not ready for the cold weather, not ready for the copious amounts of food and spirits. And definitely not ready for the stress!

In fact, that is my goal for the next few weeks – to lower my stress by way of treating my body right. That includes drinking my water, making meals at home, and exercise. Consistently.

How about you Jen? Are you ready for November?

Jen says:

November?!?! Really?!?! How did this happen?

I have to be honest with you all! I have been seriously slacking since finishing the AC (Half) Marathon. I could give you a list of excuses but that is all they would be – excuses. This week started a little better than last week but stress has been at an all time high!! Our cat has been really sick – a lot of time worrying about him, taking care of him, and we still lost him. It sucks! But my awesome kitty had a very long life and it was his time. I wish I could tell you I knew how to handle that stress and stay on track at the same time.

I failed miserably!!

Too much junk!! Not enough water, not enough fruits and veggies, and definitely not enough, hardly any, exercise. NO running whatsoever!!

I am totally lame!


Ok, I wanted to whine about how terrible I have been but ya know what, I am not the whiny, miserable type. Sure, I can complain with the best of them but what is the point?!?

So, time for this fitblogger to slap on the sneakers and get my butt back in gear!! No time for lamenting about things I cannot change…it’s time to focus on the important things!!

Next week, I will have a good report for ya’ll! I promise!

Mandy says:

Love that attitude Jen! Go tackle those goals!

So enough about us, y’all want to hear who won, right!? (Oh, stick around for another prize announcement…)

Congrats to the lucky winner, MsGigglepuss!You won the Famous Fan bag and the interview with Jared! Contact me at LastMinuteMommy (at) yahoo (dot) com so we can set you up! And now for something new…

Jen says:

Who is up for a giveaway?!?
Who wants an ipod shuffle AND a $10 iTunes gift card?!?!

Me, Me, Me!!

Oh wait, it doesn’t work that way!

The good people at Subway have gifted us with another AMAZING gift for one of you!! And we are making it easy peasy for you to win….
You see the thing is, I have an iPod but I need new music to rev up my workouts…so, for a chance to win an iPod shuffle and a $10 iTunes giftcard leave me a comment with your MUST HAVE POWER/WORKOUT SONG….

I will see you next week, with a better report and a winner!

Good Luck!!

Mandy says:

And just to disclose properly: Subway provided us with the prizes for these giveaways, as well as another set for us to share. As always, everything we have written here is our solely our own opinion.


  1. Meagan@TIL says

    Eye of the Tiger….It was a song that I warmed up to for both basketball and track and well it always motivates me for my workouts!